MyGlobalPal is committed to ensuring that language learning is available and affordable to all.


MyGlobalPal (MGP) is a social enterprise. We are committed to promoting a global society. MGP strives to grow global citizens by way of language learning and positive cultural experiences that will give a distinct advantage in life, both professionally and personally.


About the Founder

I had taken several Spanish classes in high school. However, I was never confident with my speaking skills until I actually began focusing on conversing in the language, one-on-one, in an informal setting (at my dining room table) with a friend via internet. I had tried Rosetta Stone and several similar language programs, but found that there is no program that can compare to speaking with a real person. Instead of just focusing on grammar, the main focus was on actually learning how to speak the natural way, the way that a baby learns language. It was then that I decided that I wanted to share the gift of language learning with others.

I have always had a love for language, so it was no surprise to my family and friends that after graduating from college, I made the decision to work abroad and immerse myself in the Spanish culture and language. After college, I spent the next couple of years in Spain teaching English as a second language (ESL) to at-risk youth at Ortega y Rubio Middle/High school and Santo Domingo y San Miguel Elementary School in the small town of Mula, Spain, and traveling to 14 countries on a shoestring budget. I want to share the gift of language learning and global citizenship with others. I feel that it is very important for everyone, especially at-risk youth, to learn different languages and about cultures other than their own, because it will enhance their education and open doors of opportunity, just as it did for me.

Trey Jones

Santo Domingo y San Miguel Elementary in Mula, Spain