What video conferencing service will lessons be accessed through?

  • All sessions are conducted via Zoom: https://zoom.us.com.  You can meet with your Language Coach wherever is convenient for you—Home, library, school, bookstore, you name it!

How are sessions scheduled and tracked?

  • Sessions are scheduled and tracked via our cloud-based tutor management system (TutorPanel). Language Coaches log sessions on system within 24 hours of completion, and keep brief records regarding goal (s) worked on during the session:  https://www.tutorpanel.com

What curriculum do you use?

  • We do not require that Language Coaches use a particular curriculum. However, we recommend clients register for Duolingo for Schools so that MGP is able to monitor the client’s progress:  https://schools.duolingo.com.  The Language Coach is also able to track client’s progress on Duolingo and use it as a blended learning companion.  The Language Coaches can use their own materials and can adapt materials sourced from elsewhere.